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Clarksville Car Accident Lawyer

Here are some of the most common types of car accidents that can lead to injury claims:

Head-on Collisions

If you get into an accident with another vehicle on a two-way road, your chances of getting hurt rise significantly compared to other kinds of collisions. Clearly, this makes sense considering the fact that head-on collisions would occur when both cars are headed towards one another. Your natural reaction might be to turn away from the crash but this could make things worse for you if it turns out you were not supposed to move in the first place (which explains why many people’s instinct is to do so).

T-Bone Collisions

If your vehicle has been hit from the side, this can cause serious damage to you and your possessions. The force will be significantly higher when compared to a head-on, rear-end collision and in addition, the car which hit you might run right over your vehicle. Side collisions occur mostly when one driver is trying to enter a roadway without checking for incoming traffic (whether physically or via their mirrors).

Rear End Collisions

These types of accidents can cause severe whiplash. The damage occurs when your body is thrown forward and then back again. Even if you are wearing a seatbelt, it can cause severe injuries such as herniated disks or spinal damage.

There are many other types of accidents that can occur on the highway in Clarksville, or even on the streets. In any case, it is important to have a Clarksville car accident lawyer on your side from the moment you receive the initial reports from the police officer, so that they can gather all relevant evidence.

Car Accident Injuries

In most cases, injuries resulting from a car accident are not limited to whiplash or broken limbs. Some aspects of a physical injury that could develop into a long-term problem include:

  • Head / brain damage.
  • Back pain and neck pain.
  • Spinal cord problems such as herniated disks and pinched nerves.
  • Quadriplegia (paralysis).
  • Amputation.
  • Internal organ damage.

All types of accidents involving injury should be seen by a doctor immediately. While your legal defense is also important, getting medical attention should be one of the first things on your list.

A Clarksville car accident lawyer can tell you what your next steps could be.

Stages of a Car Accident Case

When it comes to winning a personal injury claim, there are several stages involved:

1. The initial documentation and reporting of the car accident.

2. Investigation – police reports and witness statements can help prove liability or win a settlement for medical expenses if necessary.

3. Negotiations – this is when both sides (the claimant and insurance company) come together and discuss how to proceed with the compensation part of the case.

4. Jury trial – only in very rare cases do cases go to court as most settle before then; however if none reach an agreement, this may be the next course of action.

5. Settlement – this is when the claimant and their Clarksville car accident lawyer reach an agreement about how much compensation will be paid in the settlement for injuries resulting from the accident.

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